Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tweetial Pursuit

Remember that one time Demi Moore retweeted me?
Which was weird and whatever and kinda cool.

But beyond that I don't really go out of my way to @reply celebs on Twitter, even though I do admit to following a ton of them.

But I love trivia. And my instinct is to answer as quickly as possible when I know I'm right.
Which is why I answered when Melissa Joan Hart asked this question:

At this point I didn't even know the trivia had a point to it.

But apparently I gave the first correct answer.

So Jon was all, "what did you win?"

Except I had no idea. So I scrolled through and found out she gives out autographed copies of herself.

My very own Melissa Joan Hart picture. I'll cherish it forever as a sign of my trivia prowess.


SassyCassie said...

Woot! You could totally sell Melissa's picture on ebay for like $10 to some crazed Clarissa fan! lol!

This is so weird that you posted this, though... because I'm usually not all about the @replies to celebs... but last night I really wanted to send one to John Mayer to let him know I was watching his In The Light concert in rapture with tears in my eyes. And that Alex said that he was the only dude he would be willing to kiss! lol!

April said...

Crazed Clarissa fans, I'd never thought about that! lol

Haha, I can't say as though I blame either on the subject of John Mayer! I've spent all week listening to that album while studying. "I'm Gonna Find Another You" is currently ranking way up there on my fave song list.