Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now and Then

January 28, 2008

January 28, 2009
snow4 061


Follow this link:

To get a free year subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

This is how I get the majority of my free subscriptions. You don't have to enter billing information, which is the only way I'll sign up for 'free' subscriptions. You just have to fill out a small survey.

If you are worried about spammy email, my word of advice is to have a separate spam email account just for things like this. I have an extra AOL account for this purpose only. It always makes me laugh when people will refuse to sign up for deals like this because of fears of spam email. Don't use a really important account! Simple.

Anyways, like I said. This is totally legit. I've been getting TV Guide, Better Homes and Gardens, Hallmark and Travel & Leisure from this site for the past year, so feel free to do it if you want Martha for a year.

(thanks MoneySavingMom for this hot tip!)

UPDATE: It seems the offer is over now, sorry if you missed out!

Winter Storm 09

UK delayed yesterday. DELAYED?! Ugh. So dumb.

So my first class was canceled, the rest weren't. All professors but one emailed and said don't worry about coming in. One told a tale of how she left her house, then turned right back around. Another said her T.A. busted her back on campus that morning, and was now at the ER.


So I didn't bother for the one class that didn't cancel. We can discuss my absence when I return. And perhaps I'll suggest meds for that woman, 'cause clearly she's crazy.

UK canceled today, don't know about tomorrow. But if it's still an ice rink, I doubt I'm leaving the house.

Last night we lost power. Which And by fun I mean freezing. Our kerosene heater broke this weekend. The gas in the fireplace wasn't hooked up. Oh what a joy. It came back on around midnight and I watched 18 and Counting for the next hour. Will catch up on Real Housewives of OC if the power stays on today. Yes, I was mad about missing my reality shows. Shut up.

The ice makes for some excellent sledding if you are willing to get out in it. I am not.

09 snow and ice 001

09 snow and ice 003

sledding 2009 001

These are from this morning:

ice storm 09--power out and morn 003

ice storm 09--power out and morn 004

From the power outage last night:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Notes from the Prairie

First: a little context.

Where I live backs up to a farm. A The kind where each season the crop is alternated between soybeans, corn or wheat. Not a dairy farm. The field is completely open, unlike the last farm I lived next to (yes, I've spent my entire life in houses that backed up to farms...shut it) which separated us with a chain link fence. I quite prefer this openness. Makes things...airy...ya know?

So this farm and its airiness sometimes provide for a little wildlife watching. There are tons of deer that frequent the area. Sometimes we hear wild howling. Ducks, geese and doves. Wild dogs roam (seriously, this neighbor of ours has some ferocious attack beagles).

But tonight something was roaming the 'prairie' that we all found a bit odd.

See the three black blobs?

cows 001

Here, let me help you. I'll zoom that in a bit:

cows 001

Cows! Just walking through. We watched them head back to the pen they came from. And I resisted the urge to steal gently encourage one to stay in my yard so I could name it T-Bone. No harm done.

But still...Cows!

I'm easily amused.

West Honolulu Born and Raised


In other news: who's looking forward to our little snow storm? As has been well documented here I hate winter and by default have a healthy disdain for snow. BUT, I do enjoy being stranded occasionally. So I'm happy.

I've been reading this book (as well as Kate Gosselin's 'Multiple Blessings') for the past few days. It's completely changing the way I look at gardening. Helping me overcome my fears over not having fancy tools or special stakes and fertilizers. I'm now planning on making a compost heap. I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Let's see, what else have I been doing in this lack of blog posts time period?

*slightly planning vacation, although I'm not as on top of things this year because I have no idea where to go.
*reading a ton of history books for my classes. None of which are exactly 'light' reading.
*and squealing over every single Obama administration picture to be released since the inauguration.

Yeah, that about covers it.

Stay warm my little marshmallowly puffs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Web Log


Long time no blog.

Much has changed.


New President.

Like Jay Z raps, 'My President is Black'.

I like it.

Michelle Obama is lovely.

I adored the daytime outfit.

Watched in the student center.

Applause erupted after he was sworn in.



365 Project still.

Sucky pictures until spring.

Tired of the cold.

I need to repaint my toenails.

Pink is much better than red.


I'm out of words.

P.S. Our Secretary of State is pretty awesome.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Freezing Cold Bungalows

Yesterday was my first day of classes. I don't have much to say about that anymore. They were classes, I'll learn to tolerate some and I'll love a few. End of story. Besides it's hard to have an opinion on anything when it's THIS FREAKIN' COLD. I was so bundled and layered yesterday, it was ridiculous.

Did you know it's possible to get a brain freeze from the cold air? Yeah, me either, but that's what my forehead felt like. I'm thankful that the most walking I have to do is from the parking garage to classroom building and then just one building over from there. Otherwise I'd be one miserable person this semester.

(It should be noted that I spent yesterday while walking in the cold cursing myself for not going to school somewhere further south. What a stupid decision. 17 year olds should never be allowed to make such important decisions, really.)

Anyways, I took my camera with me yesterday since I'm doing this 365 project and they tell you to take your camera with you everywhere, something I've sadly never thought to do before. It was a good experience, definitely something I'll continue to do.

On my way home I pass through Finchville, which is no more than a little stretch of highway for those unaware. Finchville is home to my dream house:

Jan 15, 2009 025

A perfect little bungalow with a chimney, and a concrete porch like my grandparents had. And trees in the front yard. When I say I want to someday live in a house with character, that is what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vacation Vlog

Cassie's latest post made me remember a video blog from vacation that I'd never uploaded. They are both rather pointless, but pointless is interesting sometimes, isn't it? haha

Things of note:

-Jon's voice has gotten SO MUCH DEEPER since June. Oh my Lord. I hadn't realized. He sounds so young here. He was also agitated with me at the beginning of this video, we'd been arguing about my driving skills, no joke.
-Treading water is a common threat around these parts. Our Dad takes on this hilarious captain persona when we're near water.
-They call me GPS, it's a bit of an insult. They do it because I'm always confident about directions, even when I shouldn't be.

Vacation 08--Trip to Jerry's Part One from apsies on Vimeo.

Vacation 08--Trip to Jerry's Part Two from apsies on Vimeo.

This year I really want to remember to take more little videos like this. I think they are a hoot to look back on.

Anybody want to buy me a Flip? I think I need one of those.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Potting Soil (A Calamity of Sorts)

The cat knocked over a huge potted plant this morning. It crashed to the living room floor spreading potting soil as far as the eye could see. On white carpet. Wet, black dirt all over the stark white carpet. And that's how I began my day.

My Dad knocked over a huge glass of coke just moments ago. The amber liquid spreading like a wildfire over the recently mopped kitchen floor. It managed to speckle a light colored jacket on its way to the floor. That is how I ended my day.

I have spent the middle of my day worried about a number of things. My mind racing, a million thoughts and scenarios screaming across my brain in bold neon strobes. At least that's how it feels like. The thoughts are wild and varied.

-the first day of the new semester. When I was a wild eyed and bushy tailed freshman without a care in the world I never stressed about the first day. Now that I'm a seasoned pro at this school thing, and geniunely worried about exams and grades (oh the thought!) I get myself into knots over it all.
-finding a new job. And subsequently running out of money until that is achieved. Affording books and the rest of my tuition bill. It's all a bit overwhelming.
-my car. My lovely little bumblebee that I can't even remember what it's like to drive. This credit market. This car market. The whole market. The recession. I am losing it. (not really, it just feels that way)
-the snow. The snow and my commute. And my mental health. Because really, snow and I do not mix. At all. We're mortal enemies. I get along with it just slightly better than ice.
-this blog. Which is actually giving me ZERO satisfaction anymore. Yet I'm too stubborn to stop updating it. (because then what happens to it? I stop updating and it dies somewhere in blogland, only to be found by me later and I'm left to wonder why I stopped blogging these minute details of my life?)
-a stupid post from this weekend. That I'm still convinced (despite evidence to the contrary) that everyone must hate me over.

It's just stupid. And silly. The whole lot of it. But sometimes I guess it just feels good to purge.

A last nugget of good news: I really feel like I'm beginning to make progress on some life goals. Namely career direction and ultimately a big out of state move. I think it's too early to commit to laying out details of it all (mostly not to jinx it or feel like a giant failure if it doesn't pan out). But my parents are being super supportive, to the point of being interested in the moving aspect themselves. I'm just feeling closer to being solid about my future. And despite all my worries, that is a piece of ground I'm happy to be standing on tonight.

postscript: some cooking/baking blog links I've recently come across, just because I'm in a generous and sharing mood. And these are fantastic:

Baking Bites

Erin Cooks
Bread & Honey

post-postscript: Hillary's confirmation hearing is tomorrow. You know, so we can make it official that I've hobnobbed with the Secretary of State.

post-post-postscript: the potting soil came out of the carpet. in case you are wondering. if it ever happens to you: sweep up as much as you can with a broom and dustpan, then vacuum. surprisingly easy to clean...believe it or not.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Going back to non-controversial posts (FOREVER)

My fellow Mt. Washington residents of past and present:

Did any of you ever have Mrs. Griffin in like middle or high school? I had her for 7th grade English, I believe it was her first year teaching.


She wrote a book.

This little article was in the paper this morning: Teacher Turns Author

You can buy it on Amazon if you are so inclined.

I thought you all should know.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

In which she ruins a cheesy movie ending...

So sometimes I spend my Saturday nights watching one of those cheesy movies on the Hallmark Channel with my Mom. Do. Not. Judge. It can be quite fun. (I fully admit to be obsessed with soap operas in my youth...this is not far removed from that.)

Anyways. Like I said, usually it's a lot of fun. And other times it's infuriating.

Like tonight.

This evening we watched this little gem:

Here's the premise:

  • couple tries over and over again to have children, many failed fertility treatments later and they are advised to look into other options.

  • couple gets all pissy with each other over this revelation. wife wants to consider adoption, husband says child won't be 'his own'.

  • couple gets sent on a vacation together, to work things out...reconnect.

  • couple spends first half of trip fighting.

  • couple spends 2nd half learning they can love children other than their own, and that they love each other as well.

  • couple decides to consider adoption.

  • couple returns home, while filling out adoption papers on their couch wife comes down with sudden MIRACULOUS morning sickness.

  • takes pregnancy test. OMG we're having our OWN baby.

  • end of story, presumably...end of adoption idea.

I was happy with the movie until that very last, very stupid, scene. Because of many reasons:

  • the implication that infertility is cured just by 'not worrying about it' anymore. you know...that whole 'stop trying so'll happen' thing.

  • the myth of the 'as soon as we adopted, or considered adopting, we got pregnant!'

  • the implication that this couple, just because they'd suddenly opened to adoption were 'blessed' with their very own baby. as though that is a greater gift than an adopted child. none is greater than the other.

  • the idea that adopting is somehow settling. or 'not quite as good'. perhaps it was not the intention of the film, but when movies end like this that is the taste it leaves in my mouth. they always end with the biological child option. i know many couples who do not have bio. kids, you just TRY and tell them that the love is any different...i dare you.

  • why did it have to end with the miraculous conception option? this is the same beef I had with 'Baby Mama'. and 'Sex and the City' for that matter. why did Charlotte have to suddenly get pregnant? as though life was good...but we've got to get that storybook hollywood ending by throwing in the bio baby!

I know that it's a messy topic, and a lot heavier than just a few bullet points in a stupid blog post. And not even worth it over a Hallmark Movie. But for once I'd just like to see a movie end without the miraculous conception. And maybe instead a happy miraculous adoption? Am I asking too much?

(I will now end this post and refrain from making any snide 'Virgin Mary' remarks. Just know I'm thinking them.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


All this talk about babies...


I'm still just a dog mom. ;D

Life Update
-I go back to school next week. Am of course kinda 'blah' about it all. (*think of your future* *think of your future*)

-I'm already sick of the cold weather. In the past that's meant me spending hours planning a vacation. This year all I do is look up real estate in warmer states. AWFUL. Just awful. Especially when I'm stuck here for at least another year. (Hi! Yep, this is me...complaining.)

-Isn't Molly adorable? I just want to smoosh her face most of the time. She's only slightly disturbed by it anymore.

-My latest chicken coop plan involves hatching chickens secretively until one day I'm all 'surprise Dad! we've got chickens!!' And then he'll have no choice but to build me a coop.

-Isn't that genius? I know. I'm pretty proud of myself.

-I asked Jon what I should do if say...Dad finds my chicken incubator. He says, 'tell him you're making deviled eggs.' (Sadly Jon does not have his sister's brand of genius, because I don't think this excuse will work.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nessuno si Preoccupa

My neighbors sent over a thank you card for the tin full 'o Christmas goodies that I sent them. Included was a $20 gift card to Papa Johns and a note that said, 'Adore your peanut butter balls, thanks so much. Have a pizza on us.' Who does that kind of thing anymore? I love it. So sweet.

Thank You cards are something I want to master this year. I have pretty terrible handwriting sometimes, but I should get over it. It is the thought that counts.

In other news: I made donuts.

361 003

361 005


Real, honest to blog, Yeast Donuts. From this recipe posted by Owlhaven. I omitted the orange glaze though.

So yum.

Jon had neighbor kids over for dinner tonight, so amongst the three boys these babies were gone in no time. All approved of the recipe. Although, I've learned boys eat almost anything so I'm not sure that's the rousing endorsement you need to hear. ;D

Postscript: The last pic was my 5 of 365 photo. So many bloggers are doing the project this year, it's nice motivation!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Which Came First? The Chicken or The Egg?

Each year I come up with another hair brained scheme in January, I guess to help me through the terrible winter. Last year it was planning on growing a bunch of food and getting all organic, this year I'm taking my chickens dreams and bringing them to the forefront.

Really I should have majored in Ag Science or something, you'd think I wanted to be a farmer someday.

Tonight I researched how difficult it would be to hatch my own chickens for previously mentioned chicken coup. First I found a place: Meyer Hatchery, that sells fertilized chicken eggs at a reasonable price. And they offer free shipping! Anyone who offers free shipping gets my business.

Then I found this video:

If you watch the rest of this guy's chicken videos (as I did), you'll find out that his homemade chicken incubator actually managed to hatch said chickens. Which is how I became sold on the idea. How much simpler can you get?

So I don't need a $100+ incubator, the coop won't be difficult either (just lots of chicken wire, nothing fancy). I've even thought as far as setting up at the local farmer's market on Saturday mornings and selling cartons of fresh eggs.

Guys...I think I'm going to be a chicken farmer.

(Disclaimer: I reserve all rights to deciding not to be a chicken farmer at some point in the future. So, don't hold me to any of this until you...ya know...actually see some pictures of eggs and/or chickens. But tonight? Totally rad idea. I'm going with it.)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I tell people that I had chickens at various times while growing up in our very suburban neighborhood, and I'm not sure anyone has ever believed me. But I found some photographic proof:

chickens circa 1992

Notes about this photo:

-That was Henry or Henrietta, my first pair of chicks.
-Look at me with long hair! And sorta mismatched clothing. Whatever...I was six.
-Omg, look at how young my Dad was!

Anyways, believe me now? haha

My goal for the spring is to convince my Dad to build a chicken coop. Fresh eggs, and I think it would be a good past-time for him. He needs a hobby.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Homemade Boiled Peanuts.

Don't ask me why I tried doing this. I just did. They were okay, not nearly as good as the ones you find at those shifty roadside stands in the deep south.

I joined Project 365 on Flickr. One of my 100 Things to Do Before I Go is to complete a 365 project. So far I've got 2 down, 363 to go.