Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The (hair) from the black lagoon

I told him the hair was giving me heart palpatations and that having so much of it was holding him back from looking like the 15 year old that he is. Mostly if he had enough gumption to style it daily I wouldn't have minded it. But guess what? Fifteen year olds are super lazy.
AHome2010 052

He either agreed with my assessment or the warm weather was making his head itchier than normal. Probably the latter.
AHome2010 059

(Pre-styling, I still don't have a decent after shot.) Either way it's gone and I'm a happy sister again.
AHome2010 060


katie said...

omg! he aged 3 years between the first and second picture. it's crazy what a difference it made!

Lady said...

oh no! All that hair gone!