Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ways to pull yourself out of a funk

Earlier today I had a sad. I have tons on my mind. Stuff regarding my grandmother. Feeling like I have no friends to chat with. Worrying about life in general. You know, the usual. But I've learned to deal.

Here are my fool proof pull yourself out of a funk methods:
  • Buy a bottle of nail polish. An at home manicure ensures yourself a few moments of relaxation. It's also way cheaper than paying someone else to do it. A new color of polish is a total pick-me-up.
  • Take a few minutes for a quiet lunch. I was feeling super overwhelmed earlier so I hauled myself off to a quiet spot, pulled out my book and ate my packed lunch. My phone was on silent. I didn't have a computer with me. It was a 30 minute digital cleanse. Perfect for a midday reflection and get over it session.
  • Go for a drive. This isn't always the cheapest option around (oh man, do I miss $1.50 gallons of gas) but many times a good car ride with your favorite tunes will clear your head. (I recommend Taylor Swift's new album which is on heavy rotation in my life right now. Go ahead, judge away.)
  • Write. Even if nobody ever reads it. My blog inbox is full of unpublished posts from moments when banging against a keyboard is the next best thing to ranting. I rarely hit publish if only to avoid hurt feelings from anyone who might stumble across it. But the ranting? Totally cathartic.
  • Search for Gifs on the internet. Because you can always find one to match your mood.
  • Exhibit A:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • Exhibit B:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • Cry. Which sounds awful. But most of the time if I just let it out I am able to get over it quicker.
  • Hit something. Preferably not people. Or animals. Or yourself. So like, take up boxing or something. Just don't end up like Amber on Teen Mom.
  • Don't eat your feelings. But if you must: ice cream works wonders.


Sarah said...

Can I offer a hug? And I second the drive idea. Along with singing loudly. Terribly, and loudly. And stop to take pictures if there is anything photo-worthy along the way. :P And please tell more about those pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Please?!

April said...

I do accept virtual hugs! haha

These are the muffins:

They are fantastic!

katie said...

totally agree with all of these! especially the writing one. i have a secret tumblr where i rant and whine and it just feels SO GOOD to get it out sometimes.