Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

I set out this morning with all intention to purchase 6 baby chickens. The chickens I'd visited on Friday.

THEY WERE GONE. Well, the good ones were gone. I don't want leghorn chickens or plain chickens. I wanted Plymouth Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. I really, really, really want Easter egg chickens (they lay green, pink and yellow eggs) but I can't find anyone with them around here.

The good news is the farm supply store will have more Monday and Tuesday and a local tack store is having their Chick Day on Friday. I don't know exactly what Chick Day means but I'm hoping they'll have some fancy breeds.

My other plan for the day involved buying raised beds. I've decided I'm over tilled gardens. The ground is awful, weeds beat me every year, and I'm pretty sure I'll never plant another tomato in that particular garden space that doesn't get blight.

So. I started with one 4x4 bed (on sale this week for $25 at Big Lots). They require no assembly. Just slide the sides together. It ended up taking 4 cubic feet of fruit and vegetable soil from Lowes and .75 cubic feet of topsoil ($13 total) to fill.
Trying to pick a spot for the new lettuce bed.

All the books say you don't have to do this next part. But we (Jon) did break up the ground a bit before topping with soil and we (Jon) pulled out the clumps of bermuda grass. Again, super light. Nothing back breaking.
I highly recommend having a brother.

Jill supervised.

Supposedly raised beds allow for more plants in less space. So far I have a row of cabbage, a row of green leaf lettuce, a row of spinach seeds and half a row of radish seeds. I'll put in 2 more clumps of butter lettuce next weekend.
Finished product.

And after all that Jon was rewarded for his hard work with the privilege of burning old plants in the bird retreat.

If that's not the definition of a good day I don't know what is.

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