Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not So Extreme Couponing

I've spent the last few days working on making a binder for my coupons. Long story short: I had a job, then I hated the new job, then I ended up quitting the new job for a variety of great reasons I won't get into. So, I needed something to do with my time in between writing cover letters, sending resumes, and generally feeling useless. Coupons seemed productive.

So I made a binder.

Today I couldn't bring myself to take it with me into Kroger. I know that might sound silly but I've never been so obvious with my couponing before. It feels weird.


Karen said...

I use one of those little accordion folders, and I separate my coupons by category. I also go through and plan which ones I'm going to need before I go shopping, so I can have them ready. It's a little less conspicuous than busting out a binder at the store. I am not a big couponer, though. It's a little too complicated for me.

Let me know if you ever need some company! I can teach you quilting. :)

April said...

I've always done the accordion folders but mine always end up disorganized and too full. (Might just be me. sigh.) I've eyeballed the binder thing for a while. I think I have to try it just to see. ;)

But yes! We so need to get together soon. I pulled out my quilt squares tonight and I definitely need some guidance on my next steps.