Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book #31

I've been reading Stuart Little after lunch each day with one of my 2nd grade classrooms but I've never read it before now. I think I was too busy devouring Beverly Cleary, Ann Martin and Judy Blume books at that age to take a second look at a book about a mouse. I took some time this morning to finish it during my off day.

Should I ever teach I would most likely pursue the logical (and easiest) option and get my middle and secondary certification in social studies but I've found this time with elementary school children to be a fun way to catch up on some of the children's fiction I seem to have missed as a kid.

This also adds to my E.B. White selections for the year. If you'll remember book #22 was Charlotte's Web. I might have to round out the trifecta with The Trumpet of the Swan before the year is up.

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Savannah said...

Your mention of Beverly Cleary totally threw me back to elementary school! I LOVED Ramona and her crazy antics. I say you soak up every minute of your time with elementary literature. Books are just too fun!

I am glad you are still considering teaching. You would be an excellent teacher to any grade level!