Thursday, December 17, 2009

...and then they drugged her

"There was enough tension in the room to send a fleet of the nervous running for their tranquilizers."

Charlaine Harris (Dead Until Dark)

Last night's Italian final was so easy I could spit about it. Like the kind of easy you get pissed about because you realize all semester long you've had the hard ass teacher and the cakewalk is actually the head of the department who wrote the final.

It still kind of hurts.

After that I just knew that today's history final, the one I'd worried about the least this week, would be the one that did me in. It was. All throughout the exam our professor kept writing encouraging tidbits on the board: be brave, keep thinking, your brain is getting warmer. I can't say my poor brain ever warmed up. I just keep hoping my grade prior to the final was solid enough that however badly I did it won't ruin things too much.

Now I wait. Waiting for grades to post is another dimension of hell if you ask me. Like the kind of dimension of hell that makes your mother slip you a quarter of a certain anti anxiety medication to make you chill out. (Not like that totally didn't just happen or anything.)


You know what's funny? I just wrote all of that, left the room to take care of a few things (like stopping the damn cat from unwrapping all of the presents under the tree and eating the bows) (for real, she ate ribbon a few nights ago and puked up was epic)

...wait, where am I? (who am I?) (what am I doing here?)

I do know I always tell people I'm dramatic, and I'm not lying.

So I'm thankful for family that cares in their own special way and for Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I've finally stopped crying enough for the evening to maybe enjoy an episode.

(before I pass out, of course.)

ETA: Actually scratch the FNL, I remembered (god knows how) that Real Housewives of OC is on tonight. Those bitches make my life on Thursdays. Team Gretchen!

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SassyCassie said...

Just thinking about waiting for grades makes my stomach hurt. The severe anxiety is why I suck and school...