Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finals Week

English final was this morning and I also turned in a paper. All on 3 hours of terrible sleep. Came home, ran errands, paid bills, mailed stuff, ate tacos and slept for a couple of hours. I'm putting together a study guide (this is my break time) for my Italian final which is at 8:30 PM tomorrow. I haven't had a night final since my freshman year. Brings back memories.

Thursday is my history map quiz and primary source session. And then I'm home free to bake Christmas cookies, wrap presents and watch all the cheesy Xmas flicks I can get my hands on.

Sometimes I sit around wondering what my life will be like without finals and homework and school in it. Then I think about going to grad school. And right about that point I shoot myself for even considering it.


Last night I helped my mom find a deal on the last big ticket item she needed to buy for Christmas. It was for Jonathan, and while I wish I could share I can't be certain he isn't lurking about. I think she has a few more things to pick up but it's all stocking stuffer things I'm assuming. My Dad bought her a Cricut so I need to go pick up an extra cartridge or two for it at some point. And I'm sure he'll send me on a last minute run for something because he does that every year.

Our Dad is the hardest person to buy Christmas presents for. He just doesn't need a lot of stuff. And he likes getting goofy presents that normal people don't enjoy. Which means we picked up things like new thick socks, pajama pants and cologne. It's kind of hilarious.

But we did come up with an awesome present. On our last Sanibel trip he caught a big snook. We came home and I never printed pictures of it. All he's harped on for months is how he has no photographic proof of that fish.

So...I printed 70 shots of their various fishcapades on that trip and put them in a photo album. I also got some of them in 5x7 and 8x10 form and framed them.

Sanibel 08 Day Two--Evening 038

Best Christmas ever? Probably. He's so easy.

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katie said...

love the idea for your dad!! i am coming up blank with ideas for my parents, they are so hard to buy for!!

good luck w/ the rest of your finals! i'm actually taking off work tomorrow to get a little christmas shopping done, so if you have any free time in lex and want to meet up for lunch or something let me know!! my phone # is on my facebook, you can text me if you want :)