Friday, January 1, 2010

Photos of the Day + Tweetial Pursuit: the follow up

my trivia prize

So that arrived. I couldn't just leave my readers hanging, you know.

Jack has developed what I would consider an unhealthy addiction to paper. I'm not sure you can tell the pain on his face in this shot, but it's there because he's begging for a sheet of loose leaf and I wouldn't give it to him. You name a paper product and he wants it: printer paper, toilet paper, paper towels, coupons, magazines, books, wrapping paper. And if he keeps finding sources when nobody is looking I'm afraid he's eventually going to need surgery to remove it all.

The following three are of Jon and my mother taking advantage of my Netflix subscription by watching the latest from Bill Engvall. I don't know where Engvall falls in the pantheon of comics, but I can admit that I enjoy him very much. I can't stand the cable guy or the redneck joke guy, but Bill tells stories that remind me so much of my Dad. As you can see, it cracks us all up.

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