Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Community Organizing

I found my dream job today. Well, I should clarify. My dream first-ish big girl job. In a career field that I am insanely interested in. The position: community organizer in Eastern Kentucky. Now, I'm not even ready for such a job yet. HOWEVER, let us discuss how perfect it would be for me.

1) I love Eastern Kentucky with all of my heart. I'm the first one to jump up and defend that area when somebody wants to talk smack about how it's nothing but a bunch of racist hillbillies with no teeth who can't read. For the record, it's actually a Democratic stronghold in the state. And a bunch of those hillbillies are pretty damned smart if you actually bother to listen to them. Not the kind of smart you find at universities, but that's nothing more than a lack of access and privilege. For example: did you know Rosa Parks was trained in the Civil Rights Movement in the mountains of Appalachia? True. That's where the folk song We Shall Overcome was reconditioned to match the CR Movement. It's an area of great culture and surprising innovation.

2) The position asked for three things, among many, that I think I'm especially capable of. 1) Have a knowledge of Kentucky politics. 2) Have experience in social media and networking. 3) Be hopeful. Hello! That's totally me.

3) The base starting salary is $32,000 per year, which isn't a ton, but acceptable. It also includes 15 vacation days per year, 10 sick days and 5 personal days in addition to a paid sabbatical every 5 years.

This is not the job for me yet. But it definitely motivated me to spend the next several months working on padding my resume a bit. I need to volunteer more and see what I can do to get on in some capacity in a non-profit or local organization. I'll do anything, I just need to start building experience.

So let's see, aside from the job aspirations let's see what else has been going on.

My friend Anna sent me a hilarious partisan birthday card. Which was awesome because 1) internet friends do actually rock, 2) she lives in Hawaii and I'm trying to figure out how to mail myself there , 3) I love political humor and 4) MAIL! I love getting snail mail SO MUCH. So much that it's inspired me to send more. Don't ask how many cards I bought from Etsy today. (KATIE!! One is for you!)

My seeds grew. And grew. And then grew some more. This was like 5 days ago and they are at least twice that size now. I'm not even sure that's a good thing. I'm starting to worry I'm going to be sprouting squash in the house.

Every Saturday or Sunday we have a big brunch. Brunch because it usually takes all morning to cook everything. Bacon, turkey sausage, grits, hashbrowns, pancakes or waffles, biscuits and EGGS. Side note: I'm obsessed with eggs lately. At the end of it we let the pups lick the egg bits from our plates. Because I'm so not anti-table scraps for dogs and because eggs are so good for dog's coats. (Molly is so soft and so shiny. Jack's is even less coarse than he used to be.) I just thought it was hilarious that Jack was licking his plate while it rested on his legs. That dog moves for nothing. Partially because he's deathly afraid of linoleum.

Oh and I helped my mom paint her kitchen a sort of turquoise this weekend. I'm kind of sad that the orange is gone (it was starting to seem a little too dark in there, though.) I can't wait to post photos of the transformation.

P.S. Primer is ridiculously hard to remove from skin.


SassyCassie said...

That job is so perfect! And I loved the little history lesson! ;)

katie said...

i'm obsessed with eggs lately too! it's sorta weirding me out because i hated them for so long.

also -- that job sounds like it was made for you!! do you think you could apply for an internship or a lower-level position while you're still in school, just to get your foot in the door? and then move up when you graduate? either way, that is exciting!! it is SUCH a process trying to figure out what you want to do (i am still trying to figure it out myself) so it's really exciting to find something that seems so perfect for you!

also! MAILL!! i had big intentions of sending out st. patty's day cards to people, but totally missed the boat on that one. but it was so fun sending out christmas/valentine cards, i want to do it again!

April said...

Thanks Cassie (& you're welcome, haha!)

Katie, I've been looking into it and the same place that is hiring for that position is also offering an internship. Of course I'm all self-doubty about it. (am I qualified enough, ugh, ugh, ugh) So we'll see.

Isn't it a process though? Everyone's favorite question is what am I going to do after graduation. Umm, starve to death? I don't know at this point. The pressure!!!

P.S. I totally hated eggs for a long time too. And now I'm all let's get 2 dozen at a time! WEIRD.