Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Last Day of Being 23

Today is it, tomorrow I turn 24. I find myself thinking of all of the things I didn't do this year. All of the ways in which 23 was so not like anything I imagined it would be for myself when I was a kid. Not to sound cliche, but regrets...I've had a few.

I find myself still trucking on though. Righting my previous wrongs on the school front. Soldiering through emotions and doubts. I'll figure it all out, eventually. Clearly, I'm taking my time here. But I look around, at my friends (in all places) and see that we're all struggling in our own ways. Our stories might be different, but nobody I know has it all together. So I find it's okay. I don't have to feel weird. Or even disappointed in myself.

24 should be big. I have a feeling, if nothing else, 24 is going to be a gigantic learning experience. I have no choice but to jump on.

Minus Christmas photos, these are most all of the photos I have of me at 23

Riley Paige is here 002
Auntie Apsies

before 010

first bonfire 0171

Asheville 1 006

Asheville 1 028

Asheville 1 042

November 20 2009 019

Thanksgiving 09 037

Dear family and friends, lets improve on this for 24. I like to think my hypothetical future children and grandchildren might want to know what I looked like someday.

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Happy b-lated!