Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 Photo Challenge

someone you spend a lot of time with

a picture of you

your favorite boy
The Rooster

an old picture of you

your sibling(s)

a picture you've never posted on a blog before
vintage halloween 029

a person you miss

people who knew you now and then
June 11

your favorite place
Sanibel 2010 Wednesday 134

person you can tell anything to
mom and krystal

a picture of your everyday life
I'm not at a beach like I normally am in early June. This will do though.

a place you love
Pineville, Kentucky

a picture that reminds you of great times

the best day of your life
Jon and April, our first time in the ocean

a picture that always makes you laugh
Sanibel 2010 Wednesday 005

someone you always have a good time with

your parents
Sanibel 08--Day Seven--Night 120

a picture from last summer

your favorite vacation
seagrove beach 6 078

a picture of an accomplishment

a favorite memory
Bill Clinton - Jack Conway Rally in Lexington, KY

a photo that makes you smile
Riley's Halloween

favorite moment from last month
Plugging in the patio lights for the first time this year. Lovely!

a picture of summer
Watermelon 09 046

a random phone picture

your spare time

a photo of something you enjoy doing
Jack Snow 2010 036

a photo of your town

the people who are closest to you
Nov 21 2009 Mom-Jon 012

someone who makes you happy

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! Great pictures!!