Friday, September 2, 2011

I Love

  • Being employed again.
  • Having three day weekends until January.
  • That Autumn is right around the corner.
  • Hanging out with the coolest 16 year old I know.

  • Everything ever made with a rooster on it.
Of course I was highly tempted to buy these cheap rain boots with roosters on them.
  • Unhealthy Chinese food.
  • Crocheted granny square quilts.
  • Pumpkin in all baked things.
  • Lazy dogs.
The definition of a lazy dog.
  • My mamaw.

Jon & Mamaw


Karen said...

It's so funny, because when you've posted pictures of yourself with your grandmother, I think you look a lot like her. But now looking at pictures of her with your brother, I can see a strong resemblance between them, too. Genetics are weird. Lol.

I'm so glad you're doing well and you're happy! You deserve it!

Karen said...

Sorry to spam your blog, but you know what it is? You look like your grandma from the nose up, and your brother has the exact same mouth as she does. So it's like you each got half of her facial features. Ha!

April said...

Haha, yep. Aren't genetics fascinating? I definitely have her cheeks and nose and Jonathan's mouth looks a lot like hers. It's their smiles.

Thank you, by the way!