Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I'm Reading This Week

I had lofty plans this week to knock some more books off my growing to-read pile but life got in the way. My aunt was hospitalized last week and had heart valve replacement surgery on Tuesday. Although I packed several books to the hospital where we sat for a solid 17 hours during her surgery and recovery I managed to read maybe 5 pages the entire time we were there. I forgot how distracting I find hospital waiting rooms to be. Probably because I'm an incessant people watcher.

This week I'm hoping to wrap up the two books I have going right now.

Starting book #8 before bed. I want to be Sarah Dessen's best friend.
Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen

and Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly.

I have to confess I have trouble getting into books sometimes because of distractions. Most of the time the distractions are of my own doing. Like the desire to check my phone or watch something on tv. But I'm also not the type to read during my lunch break or pick up a book in a crowded waiting room. I need a quiet space, a candle burning or cube of wax melting in my warmer, and all of my electronic devices turned off in order to really enjoy a good novel.

Do you struggle with distractions while reading?

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Savannah said...

I am definitely easily distracted when reading ... Unless it is a REALLY good book. You are not alone! Sarah Dessen is on my list to read. Enjoy!