Saturday, April 7, 2012

Are You There, Readers? It's me, April.

I haven't fallen completely off the grid! It seems a blog direction change prompted a full on book block. A lot of changes happened in February and March. I applied to a new school, went through that whole process in just a couple of weeks time. Got accepted. Registered. And finally, I began classes for my master's degree! I'm pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching with a middle school emphasis. If all goes as planned I'll be certified to teach social studies or english. I had been leaning toward high school but when I found out my program allowed you to pursue certification in two subjects at the middle school level it was too tempting to resist. I had enough credits through my English minor to add that to my plan without taking extra courses. I'm excited at the thought of teaching a unit around The Hunger Games or any of the other YA books I love.

The result though is that for whatever reason I haven't read a single book since the very end of January. My goodreads account says I'm only 5 books behind on my 52 book goal which is great. It's been difficult to focus enough to read a book. I'm half convinced I've got adult ADHD or something.

I promise though, when I do start reading again I'll update. Hopefully soon!

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Savannah said...

Congrats on grad school!!!!! I have always thought you would make an excellent teacher. What school are you going through? Good luck!