Thursday, July 29, 2010


My brother requests one meal over and over and over again from me. And if he wasn't such a skinny kid I might have less trouble denying him his favorite. But I like to think he could use the butter and cream on his frame, just a bit.

For a long time I thought fettuccine alfredo had to be difficult. And I suppose if you're trying to replicate some knock off Italian chain restaurant it could be. But I quickly learned: authentic alfredo is simple. You don't need garlic. You don't need lots of fancy cheeses. Or even cream cheese, like a certain recipe I tried to make work for years (it was gross.)

You start with a decent fettuccine, or other pasta noodle of your choice.

alfredo 013

Get a pot of water good and boiling.

alfredo 015

And then dump.

alfredo 016

If you like other things in you alfredo like chicken or broccoli then get those going. I steamed broccoli florets tonight and pan fried some chicken tenders (seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder).

alfredo 014

So all I use for alfredo sauce is:

One-ish sticks of butter
One-ish cup of heavy cream
salt & pepper
A cup of Parmesan Cheese

alfredo 017
alfredo 018

Warm the stick of butter until it melts, add the cream and let it mesh. Season with salt and pepper. As it warms on the stove (but not rolling boil sort of warm, just gets hot) add your cup of cheese while stirring.

Meanwhile, drain the pasta and add it to a big bowl.

alfredo 020

Pour the sauce over the hot alfredo. Add you extras and toss together. If it seems dry you can melt a little more (equal parts) cream and butter and pour over, or reserve some of the pasta water to pour in to thin it out.

The result? Pasta perfection.

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katie said...

i am special needs and read your tweet about this as fettucini made with ice cream, and have been eagerly imagining the possibilities ever since. herp a derp.

this still looks delicious, though!!