Monday, August 2, 2010

A good weekend

a marathon Apples to Apples tournament

Tommy 009

homemade cherry limeades
  • a glass of ice
  • squeeze in wedges of lime
  • add 2 or 3 maraschino cherries and a couple spoonfuls of the juice they're packed in
  • pour some sprite over it all

a cool kid

Tommy 034
Tommy 033
Tommy 035

a visit from family


Anonymous said...

how was the homemade cherry limeade?? I love getting those at sonic!

April said...

they are amazing, you should try it.

SassyCassie said...

I still need to learn about this Apples to Apples game. :P

Also, if you know how much they want for the house next to yours shoot me a fb message. Yeah.... I said "shoot me a massage."

katie said...

i am loving your photography lately! and those limemades look goooooooooooood.