Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Seven

Last night I made Chex Mix with corn chex, cheerios, pecans and pretzel sticks. And then I ate like half of it. I wasn't going to make it until Thanksgiving but none of us could wait. This stuff is crack.

Tonight I'm fulfilling an order for peanut butter balls (buckeyes if you call them that, but I coat mine completely in chocolate). I started making them for my mom to take to work and people started asking what I'd charge to make them to order. I came up with a price and now every few weeks I've had an order. Tonight's is for 4 dozen of them. I've been considering branching out into a tiny little operation and making various other candies as well. But we'll see.

Tomorrow I finally get to bust out the WHOLE milk and cream that's been taunting me in the fridge. I'll start prep for Thursday by making homemade puddings for chocolate pie and banana pudding.

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