Monday, November 29, 2010

A Special Promotion

A few years ago when I bought a new camera (before the dslr) I ended up swayed by one that offered a free deal with the package. It was a wonderful offer: 50 free prints, a full size calendar, a small photo book, and note cards. I took the camera with me on my first vacation to the northwest Florida panhandle, the kind of stunning place you just itch to photograph, and then redeemed my Shutterfly gifts upon return. Their calendars are gorgeous. And mine was the sort of calendar that even though two years have passed I still want it hanging on my wall. Which is why when I heard of a promotion Shutterfly was doing this year for Christmas cards I had to jump on it. After all, my plan this season is to photograph the dogs for the Christmas card and I have a feeling one of these cards would do just the trick. While I was over there checking out the Christmas selection their graduation announcements caught my eye. After all, just a couple of weeks until I get my hands on that diploma and, um, most of my family has no clue.

*in exchange for this blog post, Shutterfly is giving me 50 free holiday cards. You can get in on the deal as well if you have a blog by clicking HERE.

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