Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Drivel

It's a Friday morning with nothing to do but sip your coffee (lol, coke, I'm drinking a coke) and organize your polish. And then you notice your camera, the one you paid several hundred dollars for and think maybe you should use it once in a while. And before you know it you're picking out favorite polishes and taking a pic of them for the blog, the one blog you just won't let die.

But really, I'm sharing out of love. These are some awesome colors.

nail polish 002

From left to right:

Go My Own Way -- Sephora by OPI
Malia -- Zoya
Swept Off My Feet -- Essie
Havana Dreams -- Sephora by OPI
Barbie -- Zoya
Looks Like Rain, Dear -- Sephora by OPI

I did the Zoya deal where you got 3 free polishes and only had to pay shipping and I've been pleasantly surprised. My other Zoya polish is a summery orange so it's not in regular rotation yet, but the above two are the perfect Spring pink and purple.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the Zoya polish. I don't paint my fingernails much because they are in water so often, but it still looks flawless on my toes and I painted them a few weeks ago.