Monday, February 23, 2009

All I've Got Left

Go read THIS to find the links to get a FREE 2 year subscription to Parents Magazine, one year of Women's Day or Martha Stewart (third offer for anyone who has missed it so far.) Given the number of Mommy blogs I seem to be reading as of late ;) , the Parents Magazine seems timely.

While I'm on the subject, you Moms and potential Moms should also go read THIS POST on having a baby without breaking the bank. It's never too early to start stockpiling and learning how to play the CVS deals could save you hundreds of dollars on diapers and wipes and other baby needs each year.

Speaking for my own situation, I've gotten the weekly grocery budget for my family of four down to about $75. This weekend I spent $37 at Kroger, coming home with deals like 4-4 packs of Cottonelle for FREE, Cheereos for 67 cents per box, and Colgate toothbrushes for 24 cents each. I just find that super exciting! haha


I originally listed the ways in which my life currently sucks here. But I'll spare everyone the details.

But if you're the praying sort, please throw one out there for me. That I find some clarity and that maybe soon the burden is lifted. My shoulders are feeling awfully heavy.


k said...

1) i hope whatever's wrong resolves itself soon!

2) i seriously wish i could just hire you to bargain shop for are the queen, i bow down, i bow down!!! hot damn woman!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome April...I don't think I could possibly tell you that often enough! I ended up bookmarking some links through your post so that I would have them. I'm going to need to get really good at the whole coupon game. So, for future reference...if you see any amazing deals, feel free to let me

April said...

Katie, thank you. Seriously! I'm sure it will all come out in the wash soon...hopefully. haha

y'all are both too much! ;)

Laura, thanks too. I'm glad you found some links to bookmark Laura, if I come across anything else that might help you I'll be sure to throw it your way.