Friday, February 20, 2009

The Non Update

Gosh, been a while, huh?

I feel like I begin an insane number of blog entries that way, no?

Things on my mind:
  • exercising more
  • going to the beach (on a budget!)
  • starting a new blog about going to the beach on a budget!
  • buying new clothes (I haven't, but I seriously NEED to)
  • eating a buddy boy from Frisch's (see bullet point #1)
  • highlighting my hair, am long overdue
  • restocking the kitchen
  • making banana bread and muffins from the bananas I grabbed on clearance Monday. (78 cents for 2 huge bunches!!)
  • rocking out my history paper yesterday in workshop. Nice to be reminded that I can occasionally write things that make sense.

I found this quote from Secretary Clinton this morning:

"How does anybody know about love? If you can describe it, you may not fully be experiencing it. My husband is my best friend. We have an endless conversation [and] we never get bored. I’ve loved and been loved. And all the rest is background music."
— Secretary Clinton mused when a student at Seoul’s Ewha University asked her how she knew that she loved Bill Clinton

I thought that was the sweetest thing. Everybody knows they've not had the perfect marriage, but the fact that they stuck it out through the problems and she can...all these years later...still talk that way about her husband? So cool.


Expect another update from me in a week or so...because I really don't have many interesting things to wax poetic about lately. Unless you wanted to know what I had for lunch. In which case my answer would be: Cajun Trail every single day.

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