Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're All Girls Around Here, Right?

There are some things you can never have too much of in my book. These things include toothpaste (4 people go through an insane amount of it in my house) and feminine products. I keep a drawer full of toothpaste in the bathroom, and a basket full of tampons, pads and pantiliners under each bathroom sink. Normally fully stocked.

So imagine my shock tonight after going to both baskets and finding them EMPTY. Seriously?! How did I let this happen?

So I pulled up (free to register there, provides a coupon to sales matchup for Kroger, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target and Walmart) and matched up the Walgreens deals with my coupons to remedy this emergency situation.

walgreens1 001

Carefree pantiliners (40-60 ct) and Stayfree pads (16-24 ct) were on sale for $2 a package.

Stayfree, 2 packages= $4.00-$2.00 off of 2 coupon= $1.00 per package
Carefree, 2 packages= $4.00-$1.00 off of 2 coupon= $1.50 per package
Colgate 4.6oz toothpaste= .99-.75 off coupon= .24 cents
grand total after tax= $5.78
total savings after sales and coupons= $11.31

I've said it before: I love saving money. But I also love knowing I'm walking away with much more of a stockpile for less money.


SassyCassie said...

I really need to get into this couponing business. But I just never get motivated or organized to do it!

April said...

Sometimes I'm really on top of things, like the last few weeks. And sometimes I go months without clipping or organizing anything (over the holidays most recently). I've found I can save $$ without them by deal matching and looking for good sales, but the few weeks I do bother with them usually makes up for my slacking off periods.