Saturday, May 9, 2009


It's possible I don't give Jill enough coverage on this blog. Jack and Molly have gotten a lot of attention lately.

I think she was deliberately being extra cute today to solve this little *situation*.

First she dressed in a pink shirt and matched her mother.

Sleepy Jill 002

Then she fell asleep while being carried around, only to end up staying asleep once my mother sat down.

Sleepy Jill 003

That face. That underbite. Those paws.

Sleepy Jill 004

She woke up when she got moved. So she hopped on over to my bed to lay ON ME while I watched tv.

Sleepy Jill 007

She slept while STANDING UP.

Sleepy Jill 006

So I guess what I'm saying it that sometimes it's cute to have a dog with a sleeping sickness. We really don't know what causes it. But the result is always the same: cuteness.

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