Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Love a Good Birth Story

Going on in the blogosphere this morning: Crystal of about a million blogs, my favorite being gave birth to her new baby boy last night (MomofLittles: Join Us in Welcoming...). Silas Benjamin was born at 10pm and they were home by 2am...crazy! Midwife assisted, birthing center, all natural-no drug delivery, and a very cool story. There are so many different kinds of birth stories, exciting ones, natural, drugged, c-sections, emergencies. I love reading how different they can all be, yet the same (they do all end with smooshy babies at the end). Don't know why...just do. :D So, congrats to Crystal and her family this morning.


I'm procrastinating, something that will probably not pay off in the long run, but you know how that goes.

I'm trying to train Molly to go outside to use the bathroom. Christina, my poodle from my youth always did. Jill runs away if you let her down outside so she uses puppy pads. But I think Molly has potential.

She is very curious about everything at this stage in the process. And Jack is maybe a little concerned about her peeing all over *his spots*, but hopefully they'll each get over their issues.
Testing Boundaries

The bird retreat needs mulch. And birdseed. And hummingbird food. But it's taking on a decidedly kitschy vibe this year complements of my brother, the landscape king.
Bird Retreat

I have to remember to get pictures of more of the detail. But you can kinda tell some of them in this one. The glass crush bottle, the makeshift water hole, the rocks, yard art and garden gnome. Cotton Cuddlesworth IV really enjoys his new digs.
Bird Retreat

Plant Status:
Still not in the ground...


Anonymous said...

In regards to potty training Molly, we broke Tito by following him around the yard until he did the deed and then immediately gave him a treat and lots and lots of praise. I think it worked because he knew what he was being rewarded for. Give it a shot.

April said...

Great idea. Thanks for the tip Laura!