Sunday, May 17, 2009

Festival Weekend

I dragged my mother down to the Kentucky Gourd Festival on Saturday. Since neither of us had ever been, I'd decided this was one of those things we'd have to go to just to say we did.

There was some amazing gourd art on display, like this:

Gourd Festival 2009 002

And this:

Gourd Festival 2009 025

And all of the rest that I managed to snap photos of as seen on my Flickr page.

But I quickly found my absolute favorite piece of gourd art:

Gourd Festival 2009 022
The Barack O'Gourd


SassyCassie said...

Wow... That dragon is amazing!

April said...

I know! The lady that did the dragon did every single piece on that table. I was in awe.

Liz Castro said...

Thanks for the report! And the pictures are great. (I posted a link to your site on my site: Hope that's OK.

kind regards,

April said...

Of course that's fine! Thanks for linking me. :)