Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seed & Feed

Monday I finally picked up the cilantro seeds I needed and I planted them last night.

Planting Cilantro

Cilantro Seeds (Coriander)

Chives have been growing for days now. The sprouted super fast, which is awesome.

I was in Crestwood yesterday so I stopped by the 'Crestwood Feed and Seed Depot' where I found the elusive White Half Runner Beans. I also picked up four packs of pickling cucumbers for $1.25 each (I bought 2), 3 Bush/Garden Baby Watermelons for .89 cents each (the packs had 2-3 plants a piece), and packets of hard to find gourd seeds and mini pumpkin seeds.

Long story short: I have a ton of stuff to plant.

White Half Runner Beans (Bunton Seed Co.)

Those beans are supposed to be amazing. They have quite the cult following amongst people 'in the know'. My Grandpa always canned them, and I happen to think anything my Grandpa did garden wise is probably really sage advice to remember.

Planting starts this weekend, a week later than I'd like, but I can't help the rain situation so oh well.

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