Thursday, July 23, 2009

Because It's Late and I'm Waiting on Something Before Going to Bed

Six Things I Wish I Could Say to Six Different People. (but don’t say their name)

1). You drive me insane and you're giving me ulcers over it all.

2). I'm tired of hearing it.

3). No, that will probably never work out.

4). I planned so that I didn't end up in your shoes, it worked, and I don't regret any of it.

5). I miss you.

6). I feel sorry for you.

Nine things about myself.

1). I worry about a lot of stuff all the time. Lately to the point of feeling ill.

2). Most perfume makes me sneeze.

3). I have to be really, really sick before I'll even take a tylenol.

4). I think I would be well suited to non profit work, some sort of state job or something to do with extension offices...I knew this too late in the game to change my major, but I think it's all going to work out anyway.

5.) I'm an obsessive email checker.

6). I love kiwi.

7). I sleep in the fetal position or on my stomach with one hand tossed behind my back, I tend to think this started in the womb.

8). I cannot wait to start a real career and begin traveling more.

9). I wish I had more real life friends.

Eight ways to win my heart. (in no order)

1). Have a sense of humor and use it to make me laugh. Words cannot express how much I love to laugh so that's definitely the way to my heart.

2). Superficially: A great head of hair. I don't get this whole bald is beautiful thing. And know how to buy and wear a pair of pants. I cannot stand men in pants that don't fit.

3). Be ambitious.

4). Smart and knowledgeable. My favorite topics of conversation are history, politics and pop culture, it'd be nice to find someone who can keep up in all three.

5). Love animals. I've never not had a dog, I don't see that streak ending.

6). Love to travel. This is an absolute must, must, must. My husband must agree to be my lifelong travel partner. I hate the idea of getting married and never going anywhere except home and work.

7). Want kids, but not be in a hurry to have them.

8). Have a compassionate heart.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot.

1). How in the world am I ever going to get through this upcoming year?

2). Political stuff.

3). What's for dinner? (I wake up thinking this, it's quite sad.)

4). How much I want *insert item name here*. I'm always thinking of something I want/need/have to have.

5). I should call Mamaw.

6). I should read Faulkner.

7). Numbers. To be so math phobic, I'm almost autistic over math patterns and adding/dividing/multiplying in my head.

Six things I do before I fall asleep.

1). Watch something on tv, a bit of news or a reality show usually.

2) Check my email.

3). Read a few blogs.

4). Brush my teeth, wash my face...etc. and so forth.

5). Flip the pillows over so they are nice and cold.

6). Put up my eyeglasses.

Five people who mean a lot. (in no order)

1). My brother.

2). My mother.

3). My father.

4). My grandmother.

5). My Aunt B/Uncle Danny

Four things you’re wearing right now.

1). A comfy old Seagrove Beach shirt.

2). brown shorts

3). eyeglasses

4). a grey sweatshirt

Four bands/singers that you listen to often. (not necessarily your favorites) (lately)

1). James Taylor

2). Sugarland

3). John Mayer

4) Michael Jackson (I can't help it, I am one of those people who totally busted out the MJ music after he died.)

Two things you want to do before you die.

1). Travel.

2). Have a family of my own.

One confession.

I'm avoiding reading Faulkner even though it's a summer goal.


SassyCassie said...

-Something I wish I could say to someone: You're not computer savvy enough to hide your little lie. I don't know what I did and it still kind of hurts.

-The things about yourself: We have 1,2,3,5, and 9 in common.

-You can also win my heart with all except for 2 and 6. As for number 2... my husband will be bald some day. I've embraced it. And number six has never really been a deal breaker maybe because it's never been an issue for us... we both like to go new places. (Just not really new restaurants.) Oh.. and sometimes his pants don't fit right... but he's an odd size and sometimes it's just to much of a pain to have them tailored. Yes, his granny is a seamstress so that excuse sucks.

-Our bedtime routines are pretty much the same except I take off my glasses instead of putting them on. (I never wear my contacts.)

-Thoughts on the people that mean a lot: I wish I was closer with my siblings. Sadly, we live in completely different worlds.

-What I'm wearing.. this may be TMI... but I just woke up and I'm not wearing anything. It's never a good idea to come by my house with out calling because we're never completely dressed.

-I've never really listened to Sugarland, but I also busted out the MJ.

-Those are two good things to do before you die.

-The world will keep turning and you'll still be just as smart and interesting if you haven't read Faulkner.

SassyCassie said...

That is the longest comment ever and really could be it's own post... lol. Sorry.

April said...

I love long comments, don't apologize! :)

I must confess though, 2 and 6 are negotiable if the guy is great enough. Also, going bald is one thing...we all age. But when men shave their heads bald because they think it looks good? Well, I just don't get that.

And I've definitely concluded that reading Faulkner is not going to make me smarter or more interesting. In fact...after 5 pages of Light in August I'm questioning his genius. The man had a serious issue with run on sentences...sheesh.

On the sibling thing: I worry like a crazy lady that one day Jon is going to want nothing to do with me (irrational fear that stems from my Dad's relationship with his sisters.) I can't imagine. But I really hope we stay tight knit.

You're first one is pretty juicy. ;)