Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unleashing the Inner Crafty



Riley visited last week and as you can see she came wearing her stylish little sun hat. So, so cute. At some point during her visit me and Riley's Mama got to discussing headbands. Specifically the little dent marks that store headbands leave on baby heads. Krystal said that Riley had only worn one a few times because she felt like she was somehow abusing her child with those dent marks. Crazy as it sounded, I sympathized.

And thus my crafty weekend was born.

I spent Friday night googling some headband alternatives and came across a great...dent free...idea that involved pantyhose.

A needle and thread, clearance hose for 50 cents from the Dollar Store, hair clips, a glue gun and loads of ribbon later and I was in business.

I made one headband with a loop of ribbon attached, each clip with a bow attached can be interchanged on the headbands.

Weekend Craft Project

Bow for a White Headband

Headband, Bow #2

Another Bow

I've been experimenting with various bow styles all day, with admittedly shaky hands...hopefully I'll eventually get the hang of it.

In other unrelated news, this was my garden bounty yesterday morning:

Garden Bounty 7-12-09

Amazing. Lots of recipe ideas in the work, I'll try sharing them this week as I go.


k said...

so cute!!

and i am mega jealous of your garden haul.

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