Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Faith is private. It demonstrates itself in good works and love of neighbors but it doesn’t need to hire a publicist. You’re not angling for Christian of the Year and the cover of Believer magazine. Your job is to endure the rampages of the heart and to look in your own heart and ask, Do I really believe or do I not? Jews do this in the fall and Christians in early spring, during Lent. Most people do not believe. They have tried hard to believe and they wish they did believe and are sorry they don’t, because they like to be around people who do, so they come to church, and enjoy the music and candles and the hallowedness of it all, but the faith is not in them. They don’t need to tell me about it—they only need to answer to God on this matter. He will understand if the answer is no. He already knew that…Confession is at the heart of the faith…"

-Garrison Keillor from his book Homegrown Democrat

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