Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA Wrap Up

(remember when I used to blog with actual words of my own? yeah, me either)

The Queen of Pop paid tribute to the King. This was amazing. Madonna is amazing. And the similarities in their life stories is eerie. *chills, chills, chills*

And then the MJ tribute. I loved the way this was done. Michael and Janet never did 'Scream' live, which is such a shame. But Ms. Jackson brought it for sure. Nicely done.

And then of course there was the Kanye-Taylor thing. It was unfortunate. But I now love Beyonce a heck of a lot more than I did before:

B's 'Single Ladies' and Jay-Z's 'Empire State of Mind' were also amazing. My favorite performance came from Pink...whose album I just can't get enough of lately. And Lady Gaga is weird...and not in that Britney/Madonna good way either.

In non-VMA-related news, I made cupcakes this weekend.

Cupcakes 09 006

For no other reason than to test out my new huge wilton 'coupling' and 'tip' for frosting. Those delicious mounds of buttercream made my life.

Cupcakes 09 010

Finally, I just can't get over how awesome Michael was looking again in the 'This Is It' trailer.



Anonymous said...

What size tip did you use?

SassyCassie said...

OMFG cupcakes. Mmm... bring some on over to the pregnant lady! ;]

P.S. Am I a loser for crying over that Taylor Swift clip?