Sunday, September 6, 2009

Very Important Radio Talk

Scene: The weekend, in Louisville, where sometime over the last few days 100.5 Louie fm became Louisville's GEN-X Radio.

Louie was decent, I didn't remember to listen to it all the time, but enough that yesterday when I flipped it on during a car ride with Jonathan I immediately realized something was different. I hadn't recalled Louie playing Jay-Z or Michael Jackson or Lauryn Hill or freakin' NSYNC.

Later at home I googled it, as I do with most of life's ponderings and found this article which says:
Clear Channel/Louisville is launching what Senior VP/Programming Jon Zellner calls a "completely new concept" of attracting 30-somethings. It's called "Gen X Radio" and it rolls out September 8 on WLGX-FM. It replaces Classic Hits WLUE "Louie 100.5." Gen X features music from the 80's and 90's and crosses cultures with hits from Grunge, Hip Hop, Hair Bands, Boy Bands with music by U-2, Eminem, Dave Matthews, Madonna and Pearl Jam.

Market Manager Bill Gentry said, "Gen X Radio is not a typical radio station. It's focused on a musical experience. Our entire product team is extremely excited and focused on making Gen X radio the best choice for Louisville."

Zellner added, "[Gen X] captures how 30-somethings listen to music and ignores genres and categories. Simply, this is the music that shaped a generation of pop music fans and we believe every song in the library will strike an emotion while generating fans, not listeners.
I'm not 30 something, but you can listen for yourself. I do believe this is what having the songs of your youth turn into 'oldies' must feel like...I kinda like it.

Further google searching led me to a FB page where I find Louie fans are terribly upset about this switch, further scrolling leads me to someone who was happy an earlier morning 'triple play' included 'All Summer Long' on Louie. To which I say, whatever:

90s pop music > Kid Rock

Am I right?

P.S. I've listened to the livestream during the making of this post and recalled all of the words to songs by the Wallflowers, Third Eye Blind, U2, No Doubt and Coolio. It was like I was 12 and watching MTV at my grandma's house all over again.

P.P.S Remember when MTV played music?

P.P.P.S And just now: Dave Matthews Band followed by Wreckx-n-Effect. Need I say more?

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SassyCassie said...

I noticed the switch, too! Good move. Louie was kinda lame.

P.S. I HATE that Kid Rock song. No really. I hate it.