Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Weekend We All Became Plumbers

The faucet has been leaking for a couple of weeks so Saturday, after a marathon mall to return something at Old Navy-car dealership for my new license plate-Starbucks for iced pumpkin spice lattes-and Moes for yummy queso session my mother and I hit up Home Depot to find a new kitchen faucet. And the supplies to replace it ourselves.

Today the four of us and Jack set about the task of changing it:
faucet 011

The new faucet requirements were as follows: tall enough to easily fill pitchers and stock pots, 2 handles for hot and cold instead of that singular thing we'd all come to hate, and that it not be too expensive, nor so cheap it'd break in 6 months.
faucet 014

2 hardware store trips, 5 hours and a bag of stuff that has to be returned to Home Depot later, I think we succeeded.
faucet 016

Bonus Photo: what happens when you leave a basket of warm towels sitting around at my house:

I'm just going to say it, I think chihuahuas get a bad rap for being yappy purse dogs. Because seriously, I can't imagine a life without one of these in it. In fact if I had to compile a list of reasons to own one I believe it would go as follows:

*great baby substitutes for the childless. They require just as much attention (they love to be swaddled) and they never grow up. Aka, you'll never have to pay for college.
*they could easily play the Baby Jesus in your next live nativity. Or a shepherd. Or a wise man. Basically...get one and put it in a costume, you'll see what I'm talking about.
*better guard dogs than big dogs. Seriously, Jill will cut a bitch. I'm just sayin'.

I could go on, but a dog that makes a great baby Jesus? I rest my case right there.

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SassyCassie said...

How freaking cute! And I agree, they are great guard dogs.