Monday, February 8, 2010

The Echo

First off, a photo. This has been one of my favorite indoor shots with my Canon so far. I love that dog.

But the important part:

Dad had his echocardiogram yesterday morning. The doctor will have the results to us sometime this week. Unless his heart function has decreased dramatically since his last echo in 2007 he'd like to continue treating him with medications instead of invasive procedures. I'm not sure how I feel. On the one hand a huge weight was lifted with the visit, something I've been dreading for four weeks. On the other hand we could get really bummer news tomorrow regarding ANOTHER freakin' cath.

But on a third hand (you know, if I had one), what's another freakin' cath when we've been through so many of them? At least it's been 5 years since the last one.

I don't know. It just doesn't seem healthy to continue stressing myself out. So I'm letting it go for now. Whatever will be, will be. As our family always says, it is what it is.

After the morning heart stuff we dropped Dad and Jon off at home. Jon had homeschool stuff to do. Dad needed a nap. Mom and I grabbed sweet teas, hit up our banks and the library, then we got her tax stuff together and dropped all of that with the guy who does their taxes. We did the dreaded Walmart pharmacy stop (I only visit that place when I have prescriptions to pick up), where we got the heart patient's next round of cholesterol meds (how fun) and lots of organic greek yogurt (yum).

Today I'm officially SNOWED IN. I just couldn't get my car out this morning. And didn't feel like running into accidents, or traffic, or screwing up the front end of my dear Grey Blur.

I'm still weepy about being at home though. Drama Queen...I am one.

Anyways, big bloggy news around here. I've decided, I think, to start another one. This one will be less about personal stuff, and not politics centric like my tumblr. It will pertain to my latest obsession: Food. Like changing the way I eat, cutting out the junk, getting my ass in gear and hopefully losing a bit of weight.

I haven't decided who all to share it with yet. But I will link it here for whoever out there reads this (which I know is more than who comments...cough cough, come out friends.)

Without further adieu:

Healthy Seeds

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