Monday, February 22, 2010


I haven't had a coke (or any other fizzy soda) since February 10. I tried starting a new blog thinking it would help me be accountable, but I'll be fizzled out because I haven't needed it. It's the craziest thing, but I've just quit them and haven't looked back. And y'all, my addiction to sodas was deep. It was a very passionate love affair that dates back many years. I'm quite amazed with myself.

However, I'm constantly starving. I'm guessing the constant coke drinking (yeah constant, the addiction was immense) was suppressing my appetite somehow (100-200 calories per glass probably helped).

Ah, yeah, so I wrote that like 2 hours ago. Perhaps I just have attention deficit disorder. Can't blog anymore. I blame twitter.

But the point is made, I quit cokes and it needed to be documented.
Mostly the Olympics have been stealing my attention lately. That and bitching about the weather. I've pretty much decided to have a torrid love affair with Bode Miller, a cute first date with JR Celski, marry Apolo Ohno and make Johnny Weir my gay husband.

This is per usual. Every two years I fall in love with a bunch of Olympians. Despite Michael Phelps' somewhat unfortunate facial features, just watch me in 2 years fall for him all over again. Whatever.

Curling is the most ridiculous sport I've ever watched, second only to Ice Dancing. Actually, you know, they might be tied. Ice Dancing is pretty ridiculous.

Note to self: stop buying the cat toys to play with. She likes boxes. And boxes only.


SassyCassie said...

I can't help it. I like the ice dancing. It's my dirty little secret.

Michael Phelps = Unfortunate facial features indeed. But just put a bag over that head and we're good to go.

Good job on quitting sodas! I need to give up the sweet tea but it'll NEVER HAPPEN!

katie said...

congrats on quitting coke!! (that sounds...way more scandalous than i meant it to sound)

i am trying...i'm about 5 days in and it's hard! i am proud of you!!

April said...

Cassie, I say that about ice dancing but rest assured I watched it every night it was on. Guilty pleasure!

Katie, I feel like Lindsey Lohan every time I announce that I quit coke (except I'm not sure she has, but that's neither here nor there). But seriously, you can do it!