Saturday, May 29, 2010

One for the road

I went for a haircut on Thursday. I hate for my hair to be much longer than my shoulders and it was long overdue for a trim. Everything was going fine. I'd talked myself into the appointment, which is saying something since we all know I have a hair stylist phobia.

Let's just say, it's no wonder why I have said phobia.

I got the spill about which $18 products I need to be buying from her.

She made zero conversation while she cut my hair and responded to none of my efforts.

I didn't tell her I had curly hair. She blew it dry. I turned into a poodle.

So she stuck gluey pomade in my hair and scrunched it.

I am not a hair scrunch sort of person. I especially love the triangular look of the hair in this picture.

Bad Curl 2010 067

And after I rewashed it. It wasn't completely straight here, but good enough to get the gist.

Bad Curl 2010 068

I leave for Florida in a few hours. As I write this I'm surrounded by clothes and camera stuff and books. I tend to pack like I'll be gone for a month.

In the meantime, a couple of things.

If you are in my area and reading this, consider heading out to Mount Washington next Saturday for the yard sale my friends, The Prather family, are having to help fund their adoption. You can read more details about that HERE. I can't make it to the actual sale since I won't be home yet, which is bumming me out. But I'm dropping a donation off this morning, which is another way you can help.

Then, if you are reading this could you consider heading over to this LINK and donating $5 to a fundraiser for the Sartin family and their little boy, Sam? Sam was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, you can read more about his story if you click the button on the right hand side of my blog here. Donating $5 will help them pay for his insurance and it enters you to win awesome prizes. You could also help out by tweeting the following to help spread Sam's story: Could you please RT this link to help us #helpSam? Sam is a baby with Stage4 Neuroblastoma


SassyCassie said...

Thank you for the shout out! :)

For the record... I also hate my hair scrunchy but that's how it ALWAYS ends up especially in the hospital. I think it makes me look trash-tastic.

SassyCassie said...

Oh yeah.. HAVE FUN on your vacation! I know I don't have to ask but take lots of pictures! :)

Expressions By Devin said...

Thanks for writing about are Yard sale and we Really appreciate the yard sale item you dropped off yesterday. They are priced and ready to go. you are the best April!!! Have a blast on your vacation.

katie said...

so glad to know i'm not the only one who always re-washes and styles her hair when i get home from the salon!! hope you are having a blast at the beach!