Tuesday, May 25, 2010

T-Minus 5 Days

Sanibel 08--Day Seven--Night 148

I've been thinking about my upcoming trip to Sanibel.

About how different it will be than the last time I was there, in 2008.

For one, Jonathan is now taller than everyone.

Sanibel 08--Day Five 049

He has officially lost the little boy chubbiness. Which I didn't even know existed the last time we were there. He was 13 then, I thought 13 was old.

I also watched a video of that trip. Holy crap! Voice change. He sounds like a MAN now. Gross.

Sanibel 08 Day Three 067
(P.S. I have the camera I coveted the entire time we were there and hopefully will no longer have crappy dusk photos like this one. That is, if I'm not too paranoid to take it out.)

Sanibel Day Seven--Morning 022
Jill lost a few teeth. Although I doubt anyone will notice.

And Sanibel's crocodile died! It's so tragic.

Serious question: should we take the gnome again?
Sanibel 08--Jon's Camera 046

If you could, please pray or send out good vibes for me. I have a job interview today at 3, for a job I desperately need. These bills of mine aren't going to pay themselves. And this job is perfect. It's temporary, it pays well, and it utilizes my college experience so it'll look good on a resume. But mostly, money would be really nice.

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Lady said...

lol, it tickles me to read this because I just blogged about my son's voice changing the other day. It totally crept up on me too.

Good Luck girlie!