Monday, May 24, 2010


New shorts. Shorts that aren't as long as my knees because I'm normally self conscious about my thighs. Shorts that aren't a size 16, the size I've worn for the last 7 years.

22 pounds. Size 14.


katie said...

whoa, how'd you do that!? i think they fell off of you and right onto me...nooooooooooooo!!!

also, is quattordici italian for shorts? b/c that is such a better way of saying it.

April said...

I quit cokes and ate meals instead of junk all day. Before it was a non-stop glass of coke all day and potato chips for breakfast. I'm still totally flabby, I guess I'll have to actually start working out... ugh. I'm still baking tons though, not sure I can give that up.

Quattordici is 14 in Italian. Pants is unfortunately not all that sexy in Italian either: i pantaloni.