Sunday, May 1, 2011

Free Rangin'

Since yesterday was the first nice day we've had in a while and it was relatively warm I decided to bring all seven chickens out on the patio for some play time. They loved it. They were out most of the morning and while I expected them to venture off a bit they didn't seem interested in it. There were too many interesting things close to the house. Like bugs, worms that still lingered from the rain, and some pansies that never got planted. Chickens can eat pansies! And marigolds and various other flowers. I'm being mindful of that next weekend when I buy my mom her Mother's Day flowers.

As much fun as it is having little baby chicks I must say I'm super excited about them getting bigger. I've never had a full grown giant chicken before. I literally squeal every time I notice they seem bigger.




They are still as sweet as can be. If you sit down nearby Arlo immediately hops up in your lap. He's such a happy little roo.


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