Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mi piacciono i miei capelli (I like my hair.) Finally.

I've been experimenting with my hair these days. After spending far too long not caring about it at all. As in, pull it up and out of my face and be done with it. And far too long wishing I had everyone's hair but my own.

I've straightened it. Bought hot curlers and rolled it. Went to bed with it damp and gone au natural the next morning. And what I've learned is that at 25 years of age I can say with authority that I finally love my hair.

I just had to go buy a new set of hot rollers.

P.S. This curvy girl rocked the skinny jean this week at work. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking skinny jeans are only for size twos. I love mine.

Blessed with the most wonderful and selfless mother. I hit the parent jackpot. Happy Mother's Day weekend, Mom!


Karen said...

I also have naturally curly hair, and I had NO idea what to do with it for the first ... oh, 21? years of my life. Hated it.

Just in the past couple years I have learned to love it. Yes, I have to put more work into it than my stupid sisters with their fine, straight hair that dries perfectly without doing anything but combing it. (I hate them.) It's a pain in the ass spending a couple hours washing, drying, and straightening it. And when it's humid, all my work is for nothing. But it has lots of body and versatility and I can be lazy and go several days without washing it and it never looks dirty. So that's a plus! And once I straighten it, it curls just enough at the bottom to give me a little bounce that a lot of girls fight with a curling iron to get. Curly hair power!

(btw, when I learned to NOT wash it every day, I think it was a turning point in my relationship with my hair. When I washed it every day, it was a big ol' mess.)

Skinny jeans are a good look for you! I fear that this curvy girl is too hippy for them. Maybe one of these days I'll get up the nerve to try some on. I am just so scared of them.

Anonymous said...

The hair is AWESOME! I also love the skinny jeans...I wear them too ;)

What brand are your hot rollers?? I've been looking into buying some. I've experimented curling my hair with my flat iron with not much luck. I have naturally straight hair and I've always wanted curls--the grass isn't much greener on the other side :)

Savannah said...

You look great April! I love the hair and the skinny jeans! The post-college life looks good on you. :) Please share info about your rollers and how you make yourself beautiful!

April said...

Thank you all for the compliments! You know how to make a girl feel good. ;)

The hot rollers are these: