Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time to Get Serious

When I get asked in job interviews* what my strengths and weaknesses are I always mention how goal oriented I am as one of my strengths. I set goals and I follow through** come hell or high water. It might also be a weakness. If you look at it another way it appears I have an extreme inability to accept defeat.

This week I'm determined to make up those 8 books. I just can't promise that doing it will be pretty or intellectually stimulating. I've spotted some Carly Phillips and Jennifer Crusie novels on my bookshelf that are screaming to be read. This week is not for highbrow. It's for winning.

*I had a job interview last week. Cross all your parts that I hear good news in the next few days!
**This does not apply to weight loss goals. I fail those all the time.

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