Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book #36

I've long admired Ashley Judd. I still regret turning down an opportunity to attend a campaign event she was hosting in Louisville a couple of years ago. Her worldview is fascinating to me, her charitable work is inspiring, and we attended the same college. This memoir was a mixture of stories about her childhood, her recovery from codependency, and rich chapters about the work she does with women across the globe in her capacity as an ambassador for YouthAIDS.

Her struggle with recovery and her reflections of a childhood with Appalachian grandparents really resonated with me.

"Best of all was when Mamaw and I would gather up all the soft pillows from the bedrooms and make a nest on her bed. She would cut off the air-conditioning, as I do today. Cuddling on her bed, we would play cards, giggle, sing ditties, or just listen to the katydids chirping in the Kentucky twilight. That downy, soft bed was the high altar of my childhood."

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