Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book #46

I've been meaning to read One for the Money by Janet Evanovich all year long. I've checked out the library's ancient copy at least four times with the intent to introduce myself to Stephanie Plum but I could never make myself do it. Can I make a weird book confession? If a paperback is too old and tattered (like not the good kind of old and tattered, just the gross kind) I can't bring myself to read it. It's why I usually stick to the new arrival shelf. So anyway, long story short I downloaded it to my Kindle because it's Christmas and as a concession to not asking for a Kindle Fire I've decided I can use gift cards to purchase all the books I want.

And I picked this one because I really wanted to read the book before I saw the movie.

The plus side is I'm officially addicted and excited that I have 17 more Plum novels (plus Christmas novellas) to catch up on.

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