Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book #49

One of my all time favorite books. It's just as wonderful as I remembered.

“It seems to me that we can’t explain all the truly awful things in the world like war and murder and brain tumors, and we can’t fix these things, so we look at the frightening things that are closer to us and we magnify them until they burst open. Inside is something that we can manage, something that isn’t as awful as it had a first seemed. It is a relief to discover that although there might be axe murderers and kidnappers in the world, most people seem a lot like us: sometimes afraid and sometimes brave, sometimes cruel and sometimes kind.”


Savannah said...

I LOVED this book in middle school! I'm looking forward to starting my 52 in 52 challenge on Sunday. Want to join? :)

April said...

I'm there! Have you joined Goodreads yet?