Monday, June 8, 2009

I Steal All My Blog Ideas

10 Things Currently Rocking About Summertime (in no particular order):

1. Cheesecake. Specifically this cheesecake. Which I made yesterday and served with macerated strawberries. People...there are no words to describe this kind of indulgence.

2. Miracle Grow assembly lines. Every Sunday I feed my garden. The box of Miracle Grow says to use the plant food every 7 to 14 days...I like to feel like my plants are getting the most nutrients, so I went with 7. And while this would be a very difficult task for one person, we have a system: 1 person fills milk jugs with water, another person pours in the tablespoon of miracle grow, shakes it up and delivers the jug to another person who is in the garden pouring it on the plants. Easy peasy!

3. Sally Hansen nail polish in Fuchsia Power applied to my toenails. Recently I used the last of my signature pink polish and needed a new pink. This bottle was 50% off at CVS and is so shiny I don't have to apply topcoat.

4. The local library. I always visit more in the summer than in the dead of winter. Using the patron hold system has been an awesome way to catch up on all of the books I've missed this year. And I've not paid to rent a single movie yet this summer.

5. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Okay, so it's technically not been released yet. But it's coming, and I'm loving the anticipation.

6. George Strait. I can't stop listening to George Strait music. Okay, George AND Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and John Mayer (Live in LA album to be precise)...look, nobody said my musical taste made any sense.

7. McDonald's Iced Coffee Drinks. Classy? No. But I'm miles away from any real coffee houses and for years I've subsisted on homemade drinks or gas station caffeine. I love taking $2 to a drive thru and driving away with a decent cup of cold coffee goodness. (And the sweet tea isn't bad either.)

8. Reality TV. A few I'm digging this summer: Kathy Griffin, Tori and Dean, Real Housewives of NJ, Jon and Kate, Little Couple, 18 Kids and Counting. The list probably goes on...but I'll save myself total embarrassment and stop there. Few things in life are more relaxing than vegging on the couch with the ceiling fan on and watching mindless television.

9. Fireworks.

10. Food: fresh corn on the cob, yummy berries, melons with salt, ice cream cones, grilled barbecued chicken, delicious burgers. What's not to love about summer food fare? Nothing.

Not rocking about summertime? Mosquitos. And ticks.

The cheesecake link is actually a link to cheesecake now.


k said...

that sure is an interesting cheesecake recipe....hahahaha :)

i want to trade summers with you!!!!

April said...

Thanks for that. I clearly edit all of my blog posts very carefully.