Friday, August 14, 2009

A Themed Linkage

A glorious Lake Lure wedding. Makes me wish we'd had more time and a better situation in which to explore around Asheville a bit more. If I ever get the opportunity to hone my photog skills with a real camera, I want to learn how to be as good as this lady. Delicious is her entire website.

365 Photos About 365 Kinds of Diapers. I'm in total awe of the dedication some people have. And November 4th made me tear up, exactly 44 seconds in and you'll see what I mean.

Thriller and Interconnection. But mostly, Thriller. I love stuff like this.

Squirrel in Focus. If you all click no other link I ever post on my blog ever again for as long as we all shall live, you'll click this one and we'll all die happy.

How Twins Are Made
. If ever there were a case for having two at once, this is it.

Candy Coloured Cuteness
. Pink chuck taylors and a white wedding dress is a combo I can thoroughly get behind.

Your Camera Takes Great Pictures
. Yes, yes, yes! I hate this backhanded compliment. "...The camera does not make the photograph. It records the image that the photographer tells it to and shows the vision of the artist behind the camera."

10 Photography Quotes That You Should Know. A nice awakening. I need to stop being inhibited by my lack of equipment and instead focus on thinking outside of the box with what I do have. This summer I've taken less photos than I have in at least 5 years. I should do better.

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