Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why I Do All of the Grocery Shopping

I send him to Valumarket for a gallon of milk and a bag of Meow Mix (our picky indoor cat won't eat any other kind.)

He returns with 10 pounds of sugar that he paid $5.89 for, when I just bought 10 pounds for $3.97 at Sam's Club.

Two containers of Miracle Whip for $6 when my normal price point is $2.50 per container and below (ideally $2.00).

A bag of cat food that our cats won't even touch.

Three bags of pork rinds that I don't ever let him consume (heart attacks...hello).

Peanut butter that I normally get elsewhere for much cheaper than the $3 for a small container that he paid.

A gallon of vinegar when I'd just bought a gallon on Sunday -- $2.99

I know it's not technically my money, but it irks me so much. I've taken care of their finances for the most part since I was 15 or 16 years old. My mom works such long hours and Dad just can't handle that kind of stuff. So each month I make out the bills, do the grocery shopping, allocate the money.

And I don't let him grocery shop. I think we all see why.

Just throwing cash away. Sigh.

He's told me I can take it all back. Right, because that sounds like such a fun thing to do. "Hi, my Dad bought a bunch of stuff we don't need, can I return it...please?"

Instead, I'll put a smile on my face and practice forgiveness.

Anybody need any vinegar?


SassyCassie said...


April said...

LOL, that's why he bought it! Apparently someone told him about it at the store.

k said...

i am 100% serious when i say i wish i could hire you to be in charge of my shopping/finances. or at least give me lessons.

April said...

It's funny you should mention...I'll be running a seminar soon. Of course it'll be in the Caribbean, and you'll have to foot the bill. But I promise, I'll teach you all I know. ;)