Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Confessions

I try really hard to not get all caught up in the consumerism of Christmas. But I can't shake the nagging feeling as the hours tick by that I need to order just one more thing from amazon before the time to ship runs out. The problem: I really can't think of anything else to order.

I'm getting like 5 presents this year because I told my parents there wasn't much I wanted or, more importantly, needed. (And um, since I'm confessing things, because they are paying my car payment this month.) But because I know what the 5 items are I NEED THEM NOW. Worst waiter ever.

Every year I make grand plans to decorate cookies, this year was no different, and every year I remember that cookie decorating is just not my thing. Or so say the dozen gingerbread men I fed the dogs after they languished for a week.

I tread a really fine line between expectations for the season and realities. And it has nothing to do with family gatherings and everything to do with how many Christmas movies I should watch and all of the things I should bake. When the truth is, I don't have the time or the energy to accomplish all of the movie watching and baking I think I should.

That said, I did manage to make Oreo Truffles last night while watching Miracle on 34th Street (the remake which is my favorite):

You should all probably make them immediately.

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