Saturday, December 18, 2010

So there was this.

Goal: check.

(why do I look so awful here? ugh. not my best angle, that whole shooting upwards thing totally exposes my chins.)

I like symmetrical things. In high school I began my experience in a first period class with a teacher with whom I ended my senior year aiding during first period. It was a symmetry that I loved. When I walked into freshman orientation at UK at Memorial Coliseum I shook President Todd's hand. And when I walked on stage at Memorial Coliseum last night I shook it again. A symmetrical event that I again adored.

Even if the rest of the night/day was miserable. I think it a sleep deprivation thing since I've been up half the night studying for an 8am final. I also managed to literally bust my ice on some ice yesterday. Fun times.

But now it's officially over and everyone can stop hearing me talk about it. I'm pretty sick of it myself. But I do feel different today, like some terrible weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It feels pretty freakin' sweet. What's next in life? QUESTION OF THE WEEK. Stay tuned, I suppose.


katie said...

that picture is great!! i hooted a little for you but i am aflac duck so i'm sure you didn't hear me :) congrats!!!!

katie said...

oh and i really do need to give you a sticker and also hang out with you again! i mean it!